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EZCarLocator App 


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EZCarLocator is an easy to use App that allows you to find your car, even if you can't remember where you parked it last time. 
The main focus was set on reducing the power consumption of the App. 
This could be achieved by a smart logic to reduce GPS activity to its minimum. 
There is no interaction needed to save your car location. 
The App automatically stores the last parking location of your car and displays it on a map when you need it. 
You will get details about your parking position by tapping on the placemark pin. 
The street address, the time and date, the distance and the estimated travel time to your car will be displayed. 
A red line marks the way from your current location to your car (red pin on the map). 
You can also save any position manually with a "long press" on any location of the map. 

Key Features:
  • The App uses a unique algorithm to save the battery power of your iPhone as much as possible.
  • Stores the location of your car in background. 
  • Simple and easy to use App.
  • No interaction necessary.
  • Detects the connection of your iPhone to your car stereo via Bluetooth.
  • You can save any location on the map by long-press a location on the map.
  • By tapping on the location placemark on the map, The localtion address as well as the timestamp, estimated travel duration and distance can be displayed.
  • The App shows the directions to your car directly on the map.

  • Bluetooth "Hands free Phone" or audio equipment available in your car and connected to the iPhone.
  • Background GPS position tracking needs to be enabled.
  • An internet connection is needed to aquire the address information and map data.
Known issues:
  • If you are using Bluetooth hands free phone or headset in other situations, like riding a bike, may lead to false parking locations.
  • Parking inside of buildings can reduce the accuracy of the parking position.
  • Warning: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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